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The Noise Pop Podcast is a bi-monthly series showcasing noteworthy new releases from the independent and underground music scene, produced by Noise Pop: San Francisco’s favorite indie music, arts and film festival. We deliver episodes that are engaging, distinctive, and always rooted in the music we love, that we think you will too. Along with music recommendations, Host Adrian Spinelli (Paste Magazine, SF Chronicle, Fest300) interviews artists, tastemakers, and professionals from every corner of the indie music scene about recent music discoveries, and larger topics on the state of independent music and the process of writing and recording music.

This summer, millions of people will party at music festivals around the world and yet again, there's a glaring absence of women at the top of these festival lineups. What's going on here? Guest Alyssa Pereira (@alyspereira) of SFGate joins host Adrian Spinelli (@AGSpinelli) to discuss what mechanisms are in play that continue to prevent female-fronted acts from owning the tops of festival bills, and possible ways to disrupt the trend.


Baio - "Endless Rhythm
Tokimonsta - "Darkest (Dim)"
Rihanna - "Needed Me"
Adele - "Send My Love (to Your New Lover)"
Aretha Franklin - "Rock Steady"
Taylor Swift - "Shake it Off"
Fleetwood Mac - "Dreams"
Bjork - "Virus (Hudson Mohawke Peaches and Guacamol Remix)"
Sia - "Elastic Heart"
The Fugees - "Ready or Not"
Aretha Franklin - "Respect"
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Jessy Lanza's new album, Oh No, is out May 13th on Hyperdub Records. Jessy joins us as our guest in this Noisemakers series episode to breaks down her track "VV Violence." We also highlight tracks from releases due out in May from ANOHNI, White Lung, Mutual Benefit and a little something extra. 

Noisemakers Tracklist:
1. ANOHNI - "Drone Bomb Me"
2. White Lung - "Kiss Me When I Bleed"
3. Mutual Benefit - "Lost Dreamers"
4. Jessy Lanza - "VV Violence"
5. Hiatus Kayiote - "Laputa" (taylor McFerrin remix feat. Anderson .Paak)
Additional Tracks Featured:
Baio - "Endless Rhythm" (Noise Pop Podcast theme song)
ANOHNI - "4 Degrees"
Hudson Mohawke - "Chimes"
White Lung - "Hungry"
Jessy Lanza - "Strange Emotion"
Notes and references
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In the 2nd installment of our My Mix series, we sat down with Quantic's Will Holland. A true eclectic musician, Holland has been at the forefront of the electronic fusion movement, straddling genres from hip-hop and latin funk & soul to cumbia, trip-hop and more across 18 releases. The Quantic bandleader played a globally-minded Mix for us that ranged from James Brown to Ecuadorian-based producer Nicola Cruz. There's much to discover in this journey through the music that has inspired Quantic's sound. Dig into My Mix, with Quantic. 

Featured Tracks
Quantic's Mix
Goldie - "Inner City Life" (7:00)
Gildardo Montoya - "Bahia Solano"  (12:20
Nicola Cruz - "La Cosecha" (16:11
James Brown - "People Get Up and Drive Your Funky Soul" (24:00
King Tubby - "A Living Dub" (30:57) 
Quantic - "A Life Worth Living" ft. U-Roy & Alice Russell (33:48)
Other Featured Songs
Baio - "Endless Rhythm" (Noise Pop Podcast Theme Song) (0:41)
Quantic - "Absence Heard/Presence Felt" (1:05)
Quantic and His Combo Barbaro - "So Long" ft. Alice Russell (1:20)
Quantic and His Combo Barbaro - "Mas Pán" - (2:09)
Quantic and His Combo Barbaro - Regi Bugalu - (6:00)
The Quantic Soul Orchestra - "Pushin’ On" ft. Alice Russell (27:54)
Quantic - "Creation (East L.A.)" (29:02))
Quantic - "Absence Heard/Presence Felt"
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In this edition of the Noisemakers series, host Adrian Spinelli ventured to Austin's SXSW Festival to connect with four standout artists. A song from each artist is featured, along with interviews discussing the nuances of each cut. The episode features New York psych rock band Sunflower Bean, Bay Area rapper Nef The Pharaoh, English singer/producer Låpsley and New York ruckus rock duo Diet Cig. All made a strong impression at the festival and together make up Noisemakers, SXSW edition. 

Track list:

Sunflower Bean - "Easier Said"
Nef The Pharaoh - "Come Pick Me Up"
Låpsley - "Falling Short"
Diet Cig - "Harvard"
Baio - "Endless Rhythm" (Opening Theme)
Broken Social Scene - "Mossbreaker" (background audio in intro) 
* Sunflower Bean's "Easier Said" video
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Noise Pop Festival took over San Francisco's best clubs and concert halls for a week and a half this past February. While we navigated from The Independent to The Warfield, from the Rickshaw to Swedish American Hall and then some, we made some stops along the way to bring you interviews with some promising up and comers at the fest in Day Wave, HEARTWATCH and Hazel and English and a Noise Pop festival veteran in former Walkmen frontman Hamilton Leithauser. Listen in as we explore how Noise Pop Fest continues to play a role for in the careers of artists, before, during and after their rise up the ranks. 
Songs featured:
- HEARTWATCH - "Bored At Best"
- HEARTWATCH - "Faultlines"
- Day Wave - "Drag"
- Hazel English - "Never Going Home"
- Day Wave - "Stuck"
- Hazel English - "Fix"
- Hazel English" - "It's Not Real"
- The Walkmen - "The Rat"
- Hamilton Leithauser - "11 O'Clock Friday Night"
- Hamilton Leithauser - "Alexandra"
- Baio - "Endless Rhythm" (NP Podcast theme song)
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We bring you back to the nuts and bolts of the Noise Pop Podcast with five song selections that we've been burning on. From indie rock and hip-hop to IDM and dancehall, this episode is an eclectic journey from our speakers to your ears. This is Noise Makers for February, 2016.

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In the first edition of our "My Mix" series, the Noise Pop Podcast ventures into the Oakland home of Astronauts, etc. frontman Anthony Ferraro. Ferraro — who is also the touring keyboard player for Toro y Moi — breaks into his record collection and takes us on a musical journey through some of his influences. Like our own private DJ Set, My Mix gives us a window into the building blocks of the astronauts, etc. sound and uncovers clues into what the future holds for the rising band.

Track list

Baio - "Endless Rhythm"

Graham Nash - "Better Days"

Arthur Verocai - "Na Boca Do Sol"

Minnie Riperton - "Les Fleurs"

Lô Borges - "Não Se Apague Esta Noite"

Astronauts, etc - "Upward Swing"

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It's hard to deny the influence that Brazilian music and culture have had on contemporary artists, across all genres. But what is it specifically about Brazil that makes its sounds pop up regularly in the music that we love? Thievery Corporation's Rob Garza and Trails and Ways' Keith Brower-Brown guest on this episode, and weigh-in on how the sound and culture of Brazil has affected them and their music, as we take you through a deep dive into "The Sounds of Brazil."

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In this episode, four imminent 2016 releases are highlighted: Albums from LA rapper/singer Anderson .Paak, Canadian minimal electro-pop duo Junior Boys, Brooklyn electro-pop outfit School of Seven Bells and San Francisco indie folk band Thao And The Get Down Stay Down are teased and extolled.  

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The end of the year; the end of an era. The Best Songs of 2015 E acts as a year in review as well as an ushering in of the new host and a farewell to the old hosts: Dawson, Jesse, Jaime and Olivia. Listen as old and new voices say goodbye to 2015 with their single favorite track of the year.

Enjoy the episode!

Track Listing:

  1. ”Depreston" - Courtney Barnett, Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (Dawson’s pick)
  2. ”Venus Fly" - Grimes feat. Janelle Monáe, Art Angels (Jaime's pick)
  3. ”Paris" - Fickle Friends, Velvet EP (Olivia's pick)
  4. ”TIWYG" - Savages, Adore Life (Casey's pick)
  5. ”Someday" - Julien Baker Sprained Ankle (Jesse's pick)
  6. ”Borders" - Knife Pleats Hat Bark Beach (Ashleyanne's pick)
  7. ”Blacker The Berry" - Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly (Adrian's pick)
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