The Noise Pop Podcast
The Noise Pop Podcast is a monthly series showcasing new music discoveries and a diverse slate of guest artists from the independent music scene and beyond. Produced by Noise Pop, San Francisco’s go-to indie music, arts and film festival for over 25 years and hosted by music journalist Adrian Spinelli (Paste Magazine, SF Chronicle, etc..), we deliver engaging episodes that are always rooted in the music that we love and that we know you will too. Past guests have included: Khruangbin, Thao Nguyen, Quantic, Wye Oak, Helado Negro, Speedy Ortiz, Rexx Life Raj, Shigeto, Låpsley, Thievery Corporation and more.

From seminal sophomore records to breakthrough hits, 2011 has been a great year for indie music. With the help of friends, music industry insiders and artists, the Noise Pop Podcast Team says goodbye to 2011 with their favorite tracks of the year.


1. "Midnight City" -- M83, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
     Jaime Nabrysnski

2. "Gangsta" -- tUnE-yArDs, w h o k i l l
     Ian Port, Music Editor at SF Weekly

3. "Terra" -- Julian Lynch, Terra
     Martin Courtney singer/guitarist of Real Estate

4. "Belispeak" -- Purity Ring, Purity Ring/Braids split 7"
     Peter Arko of Ears of the Beholder

5. "Speech" -- Cousins, Secret Weapon/Speech 7"
     Megan James of Purity Ring

6. "Putting the Dog to Sleep" -- The Antlers, Burst Apart
     Jesse Fox

7. "Jam For Jerry" -- Holy Ghost!, Holy Ghost!
     Paul Hanly of Frenchkiss Records

8. "Chinatown" -- Destroyer, Kaputt 
     Joe Goldberg of Zeitgeist Artist Management

9. "The Whip" -- Locksley, Locksley
     Dan Strachota, Talent Buyer for the Noise Pop Music Festival

10. "Now That I'm Real (How Does it Feel?) -- Chad Valley, Equatorial Ultravox EP
     Kayvon Siadat, Music Director at KSCU

11. "Civilian" -- Wye Oak, Civilian
     Olivia LaRoche

12. "Cannons" -- Youth Lagoon, The Year of Hibernation
     Dawson Ludwig

13. "Holocene" -- Bon Iver, Bon Iver
     Trevor Powers of Youth Lagoon


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On February 22-26, the Noise Pop Festival will celebrate its 20th birthday. This week the Noise Pop Podcast team previews the indie goodness to come with some of their favorite tracks from the 2012 lineup. Head over to for the full lineup.

If you'd like to be featured on the podcast next month, leave a voicemail with your favorite track of the year (and why) for our "Best Track of the Year" episode. The number to call is (585) 4NOISE5/(585) 466-4735


1. "Budos Rising" -- Budos Band, The Budos Band II
2. "Oblivion" -- Grimes, Visions
3. "Lawn Knives" -- Born Gold, Bodysongs
4. "Burn Out Eyes" -- oOoOO, oOoOO EP
5. "The Recluse" -- Cursive    , The Ugly Organ
6. "Beachy Head" -- Veronica Falls, Veronica Falls
7. "Think of You" -- Bleached, Carter single
8. "Pink LIght" -- Laura Veirs, Saltbreakers
9. "Web in Front" -- Archers of Loaf, Icky Mettle
10. "Swim" -- Surfer Blood, Astro Coast
11. "Enter the Ninja" -- Die Antwoord, $O$   
12. "Rented Room" -- Craig Finn, Clear Heart Full Eyes   
13. "Yoo Hoo" -- Imperial Teen, What is Not to Love

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The Noise Pop Podcast team digs up the 10 best tracks circulating the web right now and serves them on a digital platter for you.

If you'd like to be featured on the podcast next month, leave a voicemail with your favorite track of the year (and why) for our Best Track of the Year episode. The number to call is (585) 4NOISE5/(585) 466-4735


1. "Girls Don't Like Me" -- Boy Crush, haunter
2. “Fire” -- The Moth and the Mirror,  Honestly This World 
3. "Moments" -- Giraffage, Comfort
4. "How Do I Know" -- League, How Do I Know EP
5. "Three Car Garage" -- You Won't, Skeptic Goodbye
6. "I Am the Lion King" -- PAPA,  A Good Woman is Hard to Find
7. "Nuclear Seasons" -- Charlie XCX, Stay Away single
8. "Your Eyes" -- Magic City, Little Bits EP
9. "How To Test the Depth of a Well" -- Benjamin Shaw, There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet
10. "Miranda (School of VII Bells Remix)" -- Surfer Blood, Tarot Classics EP

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New Music Holiday Survival Guide

With Thanksgiving coming up The Noise Pop Podcast is offering up a special holiday survival guide. Set to the best new music out there, this episode will help you deal with your beloved but beleaguering friends and family. Below you will find a track-by-track guide to a typical (err... slightly cliched) holiday reunion: what to play while you travel to your friends/families house, what to play before you walk through the door, what to play after the inevitable fight and the inevitable make up, what to play at the end of the night, and what to play on your drive back.

Track List:

1. "Year Off" -- High Places, Original Colors
2. "Rock of Calvary" -- Cataldo, Prison Boxing
3. "Autumn Song" -- Sea Pink, Dead Seas
4. "All Mine" -- Little Red, Midnight Remember
5. "Horses" -- High Highs, Single
6. "Wildflower (Exhale Effect)" -- Made in Heights, Aporia: in the Streets
7. "Somebody That I Used to Know" -- Gotye, Making Mirrors
8. "Noose of Jah City" -- King Krule, King Krule EP
9. Higher Ground -- Rimar, Higher Ground EP
10. "Blue Jeans (Odd Future's The Internet Remix)" -- Lana Del Rey, Single
11. "No Real Reason" -- White Denim, Takes Place in your Work Space EP

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We survived Treasure Island Music Festival and now we're ready for a new batch of music. On this episode we assemble 10 of our favorite songs going around the internet right now. This batch of songs is especially eclectic; it moves from garage pop, to indie r&b, to hardcore, to electro smooth jazz... See? We told you this was all over the map. Enjoy!
Track list:

1. "Afternoon" -- Youth Lagoon, The Year of Hibernation
2. "Wood" -- Rostam, Single
3. "Keep Time" -- Gauntlet Hair, Gauntlet Hair
4. "Tell Her No" --Tennis, Single
5. "Playing House" (Ft. How To Dress Well) -- Active Child, You Are All I See
6. "Gypsy Town" -- Wet Illustrated, 1+1+1 (one by one by one)
7. "Don't Move" -- Phantogram, Nightlife
8. "Oblivion" -- Grimes,Visions
9. "Awake" --Trash Talk, Awake EP
10. "Lazy Noon" -- Keep Shelley in Athens, Our Own Dream

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The Noise Pop Podcast and Echolocale have teamed up again to bring you another intimate performance from one of the most promising bands in San Francisco, Dominant Legs. 

In this video Dominant Legs perform the unabashedly cheerful 'Hoop of Love' on the roof of keyboardists Hannah Hunt's home. Enjoy the video and for more footage head over to 

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We are kicking off September with a mix of fresh and eclectic indie music. This batch of songs range from fuzzy guitar rock, to light summery dance pop, to spaced-out instrumental music.


1. "The Age of Attraction" -- Tropical Popsicle, Tropical Popsicle EP

2. "Midnight City" -- M83, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

3. "Miranda" -- Surfer Blood, Tarot Classics EP

4. "Fast Challenges" -- Chad Valley, Equatorial Ultravox EP

5. "Honey Bunny" -- Girls, Father, Son, Holy Ghost

6. "Your Sympathy" -- Devon Williams, Euphoria

7. "Gene Ciampi" -- Twin Sister, In Heaven

8. "Get Gone" -- White Arrows, White Arrows EP

9. "Bedroom Eyes" -- Dum Dum Girls, Only In Dreams

10. "Goth Star (Pictureplane Cover)" -- Health, Single

Ear About Town

Dawson: BBC article Lifelong Musicians 'Have Better Hearing'

10. "Get Lost" -- Marc Mcguire, Get Lost

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The Noise Pop Podcast had to put a hold on the Sophomore Slump/Sophomore Success episode; however, rest assured, it will see the light of day soon enough. In the meantime enjoy another episode that features 10 of the best tracks circulating on the internet right now. This track list ranges from the aggressive noise rock of Male Bonding to the decadent R&B pop of the Weeknd. The closing track on this episode is especially remarkable, Youth Lagoon's "July", it's one of those sad yet uplifting songs; so be careful where you listen to it, you might cry.

Track list
1. "Left Behind" --Yellow Ostrich, The Mistress
2. "Life of The Party" -- The Weeknd, Thursday
3. "An Argument with Myself" -- Jens Lekman, An Argument with Myself EP
4. "Bones" -- Male Bonding, Endless Now
5. "Acid" -- Yawn, Open Season
6. "K is for Kelson" -- Bibo, Mind Bokeh
7. "The Same Thing" -- Cass McCombs, Humor Risk
8. "Balance" -- Future Islands, On The Water
9. "Some Children" - Holy Ghost! feat. Michael McDonald, Holy Ghost!

Ear About Town
Dawson - Covers: A Culinary Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg
Olivia - Celine Dion is Amazing
Jaime - Lil Wayne vs. J-Lie

10. "July" -- Youth Lagoon, The Year of Hibernation

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On this episode the Noise Pop Podcast brings you 10 of the best new tracks circulating the web right now. Just sit back and enjoy the music. In preperation for the next podcast episode, Sophomore Slump/Sophomore Success, we are asking our listeners to call into our hotline 585-4NOISE5/585-466-4735 and leave their Ear About Town for their favorite or least favorite sophomore record.We will play your recording on air.

Here is this weeks' track list:

1. Dreamer - Cheerleader, Cheerleader 

2. 6 More Weeks - Erika Spring, S/T-Single

3. Web In Front - Archers of Loaf, Icky Mettle Deluxe Remastered

4. Hoop of Love - Dominant Legs, Invitation

5. Hard to Explain - Owen Pallet, Stereogum Presents... Stroked

6. Just Ride it - Cuckoo Chaos, Woman

7. It's Around You - ANR, Stay Kids 

8. The Sea - Exitmusic, Silence Masters 

9. Secret Chiefs - Big Spider's Back, Memory Man 

Ear About Town 

Dawson: Let's Talk About Love by Carl Wilson

Jaime: Nardwuar

Olivia: Cut My Teeth video by Peggy Sue

10. Tuareg Dancehall - Highlife, Best Bless (Dawson) 

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This is one of our favorite episodes of the year; the one where we get to announce the Treasure Island Music Festival Lineup. Treasure Island is a two-day festival that takes place in the middle of San Francisco Bay on October 15th and 16th. It brings together the best touring indie acts for one of the most unique experiences of the year. It’s also one of the only festivals to divide up the days between dance acts and rock acts. For the full lineup head over to the TIMF website, where you can also buy tickets. Listen as the NP team goes through the 2011 lineup and plays their favorite songs from various artists.

Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun, Walking on a Dream
Romantic Rights - Death From Above 1979, You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine
Need you Now - Cut Copy, Zonoscope
Fix Up Look Sharp - Dizzee Rascal,  Boy in da Corner
Computer Face//Being Pure - Flying Lotus, Cosmogramma
Sweetie and Shag - Battles, Gloss Drop
Dystopia - YACHT, Shangri-La
An Echo from the Hosts That Profess Infinitum - Shabazz Palaces, Black Up
I Need a Dollar - Aloe Blacc, Good Things

Home is a Fire - Death Cab For Cutie, Codes and Keys
Human Qualities - Explosions in the Sky, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Used to Be - Beach House, Devotion
Church on White - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, Stephen Malkmus
Live Those Days Tonight - Friendly Fires, Pala
Albatross - Wild Beasts, Smother
Undertow - Warpaint, The Fool
Coma Summer - Weekend, Sports

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What will be this year's indie song of the summer? On this episode of the Noise Pop Podcast Dawson, Jaime and Olivia look at all the possible contenders. Whether they're songs about lost love, carefree days, warm weather or being broke, all of these songs will undoubtedly be the sounds that bring back memories of summer 2011. 

"Stiil Sound" - Toro y Moi, Underneath the Pine

"Fever Dreams" - Nurses, Dracula

"Older" - Warm Weather, Dances

"Go Outside" - Cults, Cults

"Up, Up, UP" - Givers, In Light

"Pumped Up Kicks" - Foster the People, Torches

"East Harlem" - Beirut, The Rip Tide

"Great Move North" - Faces on Film, Some Weather

"True Loves" - Hooray For Earth, True Loves

"Money" - The Drums, Portamento

"Black Water" - Apparate, The Devil's Walk

Ear About Town

Dawson - Planet Money's podcast "Manufacturing The Song Of The Summer

Jaime -

Olivia - The U.S. launch of Spotify

Guest Caller, Jesse Fox: "Tonight You Belong To Me" - Eddie Vedder and Cat Power, Ukulele Songs

If you'd like to leave your Ear About Town (a musical conversation piece) leave a message on our hotline and we'll play it on air.  (585)4NOISE5 /  (585) 466-473. 

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This podcast is brought to you by

The Noise Pop Podcast is proud to present a video collaboration with the the music website and video series Echolocale. These fine folks have an uncanny knack for capturing intimate and visually stunning performances from some of today's most groundbreaking artists. In this video Shannon and The Clams perform their song "Done With You" in one of the most surreal settings imaginable, Cakeland, a store front and art installation from Oakland artist Scott Hove. The room's playful yet dark aesthetic works perfectly with the bands paradoxical blend of doo-wop innocence and garage rock darkness. Enjoy the video and be sure to visit for more 

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Labels. You’ve heard their names before - Barsuck, Matador, DFA – but do you actually know what they do? This week the Noise Pop Podcast is here to edify on exactly who these labels are and why they exist. They start from the indie beginnings and over the course of the episode walk through what these labels now mean to music. Helping them along the way are Sonya Kolowrat from Beggars, Mona Dehghan from Domino, Tyler Stover from Lefse, Paul Hanly of Frenchkiss and Jamie Farkas of Vice. They all offer insights and anecdotes on how their labels operate. Sticking with the theme the gang each picks their favorite labels for their Ear About Town segment. On a sad note (depending on you feelings towards his smug voice), this is Jesse’s last episode as a weekly guest to the podcast, follow him on twitter @foxconsox. On a happier note, we have a new guest, Olivia LaRoche. You'll like her, she is awesome! Leave your Ear About Town (a musical conversation piece) on our machine 585-4NOISE5 / (585) 466-4735


Labels - GZA, Liquid Swords

Major Label Debut (fast) - Broken Social Scene, self-titled

Will Do - TV on The Radio, Nine Types of Light

New Direction - Black Lips, Arabia Mountain

Washed Out - Eyes Be Closed, Within and Without

Heyday Past Heyday Due – Nodzzz, Innings

Croquet - Mr. Dream, Trash Hit

You Should Do Better - Cut Off Your Hands, Hollow

Bad Street - Twin Sister, In Heaven


Ear About Town

Jaime - Ghostly International Records

Jesse - Fat Possum Records

Olivia - Domino Records

Dawson - The Beggars Group


Guest Caller, Jim - Polyvinyl Records

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Sometimes it’s just about the music. The Noise Pop Podcast team forgoes the blabbering this week and just jockeys discs.


The episode finishes with the return of Ear About Town that really stretches the limits of the EAT segment.

Next week's episode will be "Battle of the Indie Labels", if you would like to tell us your favorite indie label call (585) 4NOISE5 and leave your Ear About Town reccomendation. We will include it in next week's podcast. 


The Everglade Leafhouse - Cordorui, single


Edita V - The Balkans, self-titled


@f*ckwiseblood - Wise Blood, These Wings EP


Lord Knows Best - Dirty Beaches, Badlands


Calgary - Bon Iver, Bon Iver, Bon Iver


Magic Fingers - Hands, single


Street Clothes - Fool's Gold, Leave No Trace


Blacks - Dawn Gold and Rosy Cross, Blow EP

Queen of The Press Club - Soft White Sixties, single

Ear About Town 

Jesse: Keith Richard's Life (audiobook)

Jaime: The Rosebuds, band history. Woods - The Rosebuds, Loud Planes Fly Low

Dawson: Darryl McDaniels (DMC of Run-DMC) story on the Moth Podcast

Guest Caller, Gunther: Just Jamm It - Breakfast Mountain, Hoooded 

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This week’s entry was inspired by a covers infused dinner Noise Pop is putting on with local SF supper club graffEats. The chef is going to prepare dishes that are covers of famous chef's dishes, with which Noise Pop will pair cover songs. So every song in this episode is a cover. Taking it a step further Dawson and the team explore the different ways a cover can be done. To gain some insight Jesse and Dawson speak with Josh Modell, A.V. Club’s Editor-in-Chief, about his fantastic Undercover series. With some help from Josh, the gang focuses on the recent past and finds covers of artists all over the spectrum from Joanna Newsom to Kermit the Frog. There is no Ear About Town this episode however it will return next time.


Track list:



“Such Great Heights” (The Postal Service) – Iron & Wine, Garden State Soundtrack


“Bridges and Balloons” (Joanna Newsom) – The Decemberists, Live


“He Hit Me” (The Crystals) - Grizzly Bear, Friend




“We Built This City” (Starship) – Cursive, A.V. Undercover


“It’s not Easy Bein' Green” (Kermit the Frog) - Andrew Bird, Live


“Relief” (R. Kelly), - Sam Amidon, I See the Sign




“One More Try” (George Michael) - Iron & Wine, A.V. Undercover


“Since U Been Gone/Maps” (Kelly Clarkson, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) – Ted Leo, Live


“Take On Me” (A-ha) - AC Newman, Starbuck’s Sweetheart Compilation


“Jolene” (Dolly Parton) – The White Stripes, single


Songs That Sound Nothing Like the Original


“Love is a Battlefield” (Pat Benatar) -  Thao and Mirah, New, Improved, Live session


“I Found a Reason” (Velvet Underground) – Cat Power, The Covers Record


Songs Better Than the Original


“Limit to your Love” (Feist) James Blake, self-titled


Songs Not as Good as the Original


“I Wish I Was in New Orleans” (Tom Waits) - Scarlett Johansson, Anywhere I Lay My Head


“All My Friends” (LCD Soundsystem) - Franz Ferdinand, All My Friends single

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May 2011, The Antlers Interview

This week’s episode is as varied as it gets - running the gamut from the propulsive Superhumanoid to the understated, solemn David Bazan to the boozy rollick of Man Man and ending with the glitchy freak-out that is Nasty Nasty. As well, Jesse, in conjunction with, has a conversation with The Antlers’ Peter Silberman about his band’s new album, Burst Apart. The interview begins at 24:18 and you can read the interview here.

Lastly, the team picks their Ear About Town recommendations, and we debut our fan chosen recommendation. If you'd like to call in and leave your Ear About Town recommendation, please call 585-4NOISE5.


1. “Palm Springs” – Superhumanoids, Parasite Paradise

2. “Life Fantastic” Man Man, Life Fantastic

3. “Dinner” - Blood Orange, Number Six     

4. “Wake and be Fine” - Okkervil River, I Am Very Far

5. “Ever Falling in Love” - Times New Viking, Dancer Equired

6. “Babies” - Radiation City, The Hands That Take You

 Antlers Interview

"Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" (clip) - The Antlers, Burst Apart

"Two" (clip) - The Antlers, Hospice

"Putting The Dog to Sleep" (clip) - The Antlers, Burst Apart

"Parenthesis" (clip) - The Antlers, Burst Apart

 7. "Wolves at The Door" - David Bazan, Strange Negotiations

 Ear About Town

Dawson: “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” (clip) - Aretha Franklin, I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You

Jesse: “November 30th, 2006” (clip) – Paleo, Daytrotter Session 2/12/2007

Jaime: “Oh Industry” (clip) – Bette Midler, Beach Original Soundtrack

Guest caller, Damian Lopez: "Bejan" (clip) - Tanlines, Volume On

 8. "No Names" - Nasty Nasty, Single

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This week the NPP team tackles the new trend of popular R&B taking root in indie music. With new artists like The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, and How To Dress Well, it's clear that 90's R&B is making a comeback. This episode explores how it got to this point.The first clue started a few years ago when contemporary bands began covering R&B hits from the 90's - in 2009 The xx covered Aaliyah’s “Hot Like Fire.” Shortly after, the influence of this sound grew apparent in new indie bands like Gayngs and James Blake. Dirty Projector’s smash “Stillness in the Move” was a watershed moment, in which a pure R&B vocal was paired with the bands traditionally challenging sound. Now the stage is set for not just artists dabbling in an R&B sound but actual pure R&B artist to be embraced by the independent community, a fascinating and rewarding new trend in music. 


The group also announce the winning name of their recommendation segment, “Ear About Town.” This episode’s segment Jesse, Jaime and Dawson stay with the theme and share their respective favorite R&B song from the 1990’s.


1. “House of Balloons/Glass Table Girls” – The Weeknd, House of Balloons

2. “Transparency” – d’Eon, Darkbloom

3. “Are You That Somebody?” (clip) – Aaliyah, Dr. Doolittle Soundtrack

4. “Hot Like Fire” Aaliyah Cover (clip) - The xx, B-Side to Crystalized Single

5. “Don’t Take it Personal” Monica Cover - White Hinterland, single

6. “Gaudy Side of Town” – Gayngs, Relayted

7. “Stillness is the Move” (clip) – Dirty Projectors, Bitte Orca

8. “Stillness is the Move” (clip) – Solange, single

9. “Songs for Women” - Frank Ocean, Nostalgia/Ultra

10. “Wicked Games” - The Weeknd, House of Balloons

11. “Ready for the World” - How to Dress Well, Love Remains


Ear About Town

Jesse: “Cupid” (clip) – 112, 112

Jaime: “All My Life” (clip) – K-Ci and JoJo, Love Always

Dawson – “Pony” (clip) – Ginuwine, Ginuwine the Bachelor

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The Noise Pop team is back, marveling at the many giant releases this month. TV on the Radio, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Fleat Foxes and Panda Bear all have albums coming out and the gang discusses their favorites. They also look at the anticipated sophomore offerings from The Antlers and Tune Yards. The show ends with the debut of a new segment, in which, Jaime, Jesse, and Dawson recommend what they have been listening to recently. The segment is yet to be named, and we are asking the listeners of the podcast to offer suggestions. Please tell us your ideas in the comments of the Noise Pop page on


1. “Black Hills” - Gardens and Villas, Single

2. “Shadows on Behalf “ - The Stepkids, Single

3. “Anvil Everything“ - White Denim, D

4. “Bizness” – Tune-Yards, Who Kill

5. “Heart in Your Heartbreak” - Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Belong

6. “Caffeinated Consciousnesss” - TV on The Radio, Nine Types of Light

7. “Parenthesis” – The Antlers, Burst Apart

8. “Eh Congo “ - Janka Nabay, Bubu King

9. “Piledriver Waltz” -Alex Turner, Submarine Soundtrack


Jaime Recommends: “Vitamin C” – Can, Monster Movie 

Jesse Recommends: “Freaks & Geeks” - Childish Gambino, EP 

Dawson Recommends:  “The Postman” - The American Analog Set, Know by Heart 


10. “Feels Like Heaven”  - Adventure, Lesser Known


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The Noise Pop crew came back from SXSW with a few battle scars and some stories to tell. In this episode we play several new tracks from artists that delivered standout performances in Austin and Dawson and Jaime share some of their experiences. We also discuss the nature of hyped bands at the festival and debate the merits of James Blake. At the end we play an interview from one of our favorite local bands Melted Toys, conducted by our friend Robert Khoury from the music blog See The Leaves


1. Evan Voytas - Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere, Tomorrow Night We'll Go Anywhere

2. Trampled By Turtles - Wait So Long, Palomino

3. Cults - Oh My God, Single

4. Mount Kimbie - Before I Move Off, Crooks & Lovers

5. James Blake - To Care (Like You), James Blake

6. Tyler the Creator feat. Hodgy Beats - Slow it Down, Odd Future Tape

7. Oregon Bike Trails - High School Lover, Single

8. That Ghost - To Like You, Song Out Here

9. Melted Toys - Come On, Washed & Dried EP

10. The National - Think You Can Wait, Win Win Soundtrack 




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The 2011 Noise Pop Music Festival has come and gone. We all had a fantastic time, and we are over-the-top excited about next year's 20th anniversary; but until then, we've got some music to play for you guys. 

This episode is dedicated partly to a Noise Pop retrospective (with tracks from our favorite artists), while the rest of the songs are new music that we love. Enjoy, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast through iTunes.


1. Lovers Lane -  HUNX and his PUNX, Too Young To Be In Love (Noise Pop retrospective)

2. Gone Without Feeling - The Black Ryder, Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride (Noise Pop retrospective)

3. Hard Smart Beta - Starfucker, Starfucker

4. Under Cover of Darkness - The Strokes, Angles

5. Don't Waste It - MAN/MIRACLE, Don't Waste It (single)

6. Don't Stop - The Dodos, No Color

7. Landscapes - Gregory & The Hawk, Leche (Noise Pop retrospective)

8. Sleep Talk - Shannon and The Clams, Sleep Talk (Noise Pop retrospective)

9. Still The Same Person - Sister Crayon, Bellow (Noise Pop retrospective)

10. Look at Me Now (Remix) - The AK

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This time around we dig deep into the internet bins and come up with only underground artists. No heavy hitters on this episode, leave those for the Grammys (congratulations Arcade Fire!). Enjoy.

1. Purity Ring - Ungirthed, 7"?

2. Cloud Nothings - Understand at All, Cloud Nothings

3. Nodzzz - Time (What's It Going to Do?), Innings

4. Moving Units - Until She Says, Tension War

5. Le Butcherettes - Kiss & Kill, Kiss & Kill

6. Unknown Mortal Orchestra - How Can U Luv Me, Unknown Mortal Orchestra

7. The Seedy Seeds - Verb Noun, Eternity Spin

8. The Forms - Fire To The Ground (Feat. Matt Berninger), Derealization EP


p.s. Dawson mispronounced last months artist Unouomedude. It's proper pronunciation is "you-know-you-owe-me-dude".


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This one is as simple as it get - 11 new amazing tracks from some of the most promising independent artists. This episode is all over the map; we have songs ranging from acoustic balladry to frenetic math rock to subdued lofi bedroom pop. Enjoy the tunes, and be sure to email us at if you have any questions, comments or music submission.


1. J Irving Daly - Teething, Sun Room -Single

2. Deerhoof - The Merry Barracks, Deerhoof vs. Evil

3. Young Mammals - Dragon Wagon, Carrots

4. Panda Bear - You Can Count on Me, Tomboy

5. Mr. Dream - Crime, Crime

6. Maps & Atlases - Living Decorations, Perch Patchwork

7. Range Rover - Soda, Mind - Single

8. Jessica Lee Mayfield - Our Hearts are Wrong, Tell Me

9. Versus - Invincible Hero, On The Ones and Threes

10. Unouomedude - Buildings, Marsh EP

11. Ducktails - Hamilton Road, Ducktails III


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On this episode we return back to the basics and play the best new independent tracks out there right now. Jesse Fox joins Dawson Ludwig to briefly discuss the growth of the Denver indie scene, the use of cheesy 80's sounds in music, and the absurd title of the new song from the excellent Manchester band, Wu Lyf.

1. Gauntlet Hair - Out Don't, Out Don't/Heave... 7"

2. Woodsman - Insects, Rare Forms

3. Cut Copy - Take Me Over, Zonoscope

4. Smith Westerns - Weekend, Dye it Blonde

5. Destroyer - Chinatown, Kaputt

6. Yuck - Rubber, Rubber

7. No Age - Fever Dreaming, Everything in Between

8. Tape Deck Mountain - It Goes Down, Secret Serf EP

9. Wu Lyf - I Got Dem Wu Wu Busted Teef Spitting It Concrete Like The Golden Sun God, On The Ones and Threes

10. Foxes in Fiction - Bathurst, Slow Evolution


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